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1. Legal basis for the use of personal data on this Moodle Site. We use your personal information with your consent as per first login. You always have the right to withdraw your consent. Should you wish to withdraw your consent please send an email to
2. Data held by the Moodle system. Data held by the system includes your name, email address, username. Moodle logs contain detailed information about user activity within each course, including the date and time of when course-specific information was viewed and/or updated, the address of the machine from which the access was made, the browser identification information and information about the referring web page. Logs are used to create summary statistics which may be made publicly available. Summary statistics do not include personal data.
Information about contributions to courses, including contributions to chat rooms and discussion forums, ownership of resources, assignment/file submissions, text matching scores and evidence of participation in other Moodle-based activities is held within the Moodle system. 
Information and data related to users, including grades, feedback comments, scores, completion data, access rights and group membership is also recorded. 
Additional personal data may be held within individual courses, either within documents/resources uploaded to the course, or within activities within the course. Other than contributions to chat rooms and discussion forums which are submitted by individuals in a personal capacity, course maintainers are responsible for the information held about you that may be uploaded onto such courses.
3. How the Moodle system uses your personal information. Moodle records and uses your personal information to:
-Provide you an account on, and identify you within, the VLE (Moodle) system
-Provide you access to courses/sites within Moodle
-Provide you the ability to upload, amend and delete certain information within Moodle 
-Provide you access to the information, resources and activities uploaded to Moodle
-Control access to different parts of the system. 
-Help support Moodle users
-For system administration and bug tracking
-Report on course, resource and activity access, activity completion, course completion and course data (such as grades, scores, submissions and content uploaded)
-For producing usage statistics for management and planning purposes
Individual courses within Moodle may collect additional personal information in order to: 
-Provide services to the users
-Facilitate and support business processes
-Support users in their use of Moodle
A non-exhausted list of examples of this may include: 
-Booking information
-User feedback
-Data collection for the purposes of business processes
-Contact information
-Application information 
4. Where Moodle information comes from. For all users, Moodle records information supplied by the user.
5. Who has access to Moodle data. Only the site admin.
6. Where Moodle information is shared. No info is shared.
7. Where Moodle data is stored. By the ISP hosting this website.
8. Moodle data retention. Information and data uploaded to Moodle, including accounts, courses and about contributions to courses, including contributions to chat rooms and discussion forums, ownership of resources and evidence of participation in other Moodle-based activities may be retained indefinitely.
Moodle data is backed up. The backups are held for the purpose of reinstatement of the data, e.g. in the event of failure of a system component.
9. Further information. For further information please write to: